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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Live Fast!

Drive fast enough and this car may serve you all your life...
This hazy blur is a part of my every day life that hides me from the reality of God's existence. So many times it makes it so difficult to see Him. How do I fight it? If ever...
Do I know who my enemies are... do I know their allies?
Have I learned to distinguish their nasty faces in the crowd or do I still tend to beat other people faces instead?

My enemies:
- evil
- poverty
- lack of fruit/result
- slavery
- guilt
- disobedience/sin
- foolishness
- pride
- flesh
- devil
- world
Their allies:
- laziness
- indifference
- lie
- discouragement
- compromise
- bad choices
- lack of discipline
- fear
- depression
- lack of motivation/ desire

My Allies:
- faith and hope
- truth
- love
- discipline
- accountability/friendship
- God’s encouragement, His word,
- cup of good coffee/tea
- fear of God/reverence
- future/perspective of eternity/Kingdom

What do you see and how do you fight it? Add your comments!


Шоколадный Фестиваль

Вчера были на фестивале Шоколада, который устроила Корона в Украинском Доме, ням!
Из "этого" делают шоколад, а потом снова "это". Зачем!??

Этот мишка очень любит не только мёд, но и много шоколада!
Фонтан из шоколада!