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Saturday, December 15, 2007

as the day approaching...

Expectations… Of cause I have many… I hope for some revival and new good habits to emerge. Yes, they say 20 days is enough to start a habit. I want more of good ones: like giving my self enough time every day to pray and think. I run around too much too often instead of being still. New experiences new music new information about the world around me and my world through a different set of eyes. I want to know more to be able to have better direction and vision in life. New friends may be… better yet – to see the old ones!
Without vision people perish. I have seen too much of that over the last couple years at my work and I want to change something, at least for my life and for life of those who are close to me. A new vision… well may be – but what I think I need the most is getting strengthened in the old truths. Yes, as one of my friends says – return to the roots. The roots I have no in Christ is something that changed my life once and is holding it together ever since. It is whet the ground becomes shaky I start to see that I have gone too far away from the roots.
A time with God. Definitely. A place for God. Away from the things I know like/dislike or can control. Throwing myself at His mercy and waiting for Him to act. This is what I expect the most: His tender touch when he is changing me on the inside. His breath of life within my being.

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