This is a one man's effort to grow his character and be a good witness with whatewer he is doing as he does it for the glory of his master and friend Jesus!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The end of one story

Sold my car yesterday.

The lady who bought it from me mentioned that I really do not look like a guy who is happy to sell his car. That was a true reflection of my soul condition. I really did not want to sell it. So it was hard.

New era is before me now… the previous one had ended. It was a fun and exciting time. Adventurous and free. I thought I will be happy (as they say) as I sell it. But I’m not. I try to buy things I really value and like… things that really feel like they belong to me (extension of my own character), and now for a time I will have to figure something to get by with… The Hand of God was clearly seen in all of the process of sale. I really believe I’m seeing God’s approval telling me I’m on the right track. I am not happy, but I have peace and hope.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A thought of the day

...и познаете и стину, и истина:

а) вам не понравится
б) напугает вас до смерти
в) сделает вас свободными
г) all of the above