This is a one man's effort to grow his character and be a good witness with whatewer he is doing as he does it for the glory of his master and friend Jesus!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday season

Probably for the first time ever in my life I feel tired of celebrations of all kinds. Three events had happened already (birthdays and X-mas) and the fourth one is on its way.

It all feels like a practical lesson on trusting God. It is so easy to celebrate when you feel like you are a winner because you are in charge. This Holiday season I’m not in charge and I cannot do much to change it either. Quite inconvenient place for trusting God and the only true place of trust at the same time. Still nothing definite concerning work opportunities, but a lot of work happening in serving others. It looks like a big stretch. I feel like I have nothing else to give and I need to keep on giving.

Things I am really happy for:

The fact that our family is ok. All of us are sick at the moment but we are OK as a family. The unity is strong and as never before I feel like I have a helper and a friend. Katherine is also a lot of fun… I’m learning how to spend meaningful time with her and how to communicate my love even when she cannot speak and understand much of what I say

The fact that God is working in Dima’s life. I often cannot guess what will come next from his thoughts and ideas, but God is full of good surprises. He said he wants to be an apostle. I hope he knows what this means and where this is leading him. Probably he does not but it is fun to watch how this person is growing in Christ.

New opportunities. As always – there is no crisis without new opportunities. And today I have enough time to evaluate and to choose which ones I should decide to develop.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

At home

What can spoil the holiday season?

When the holidays begin before they should and you have to sit around without work... sometimes wondering how you your family is going to make it this month.
Praying for work projects to participate in. Cleaning the appartment. Waiting...

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Что невозможно выполнить, возможно остановить


Средства закончились... пора останавливать ремонт. Всё равно в идеале всё сделать не удалось, но многое уже совершилось.
Поэтому... скоропостижно съезжаем обратно и приводим всё в порядок (насколько это возможно). Очень хотелось сделать подарок Лене на ДР, но вместо этого - тяжкий головняк с расстановками всех перевезенных вещей. И как оно тут помещалось?Уму не растяжимо! переезд из 2х комнат в 4 нам дался намного проще...
Срочто необходимо восстанавливать рабочее место и настроение и вытаскивать семью из финансового кризиса.