This is a one man's effort to grow his character and be a good witness with whatewer he is doing as he does it for the glory of his master and friend Jesus!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A New rainy day

Another day of work with Rich... 6 meetings... every 2 hours a new group comes. Came here at 9 am and will done by 9pm. I am calm and weary… thinking about different facts of life.
I think more and more of the fact that unless there is a place prepared in my life for something new nothing new will actually happen. I am thinking more and more about the things that clear space for new opportunities...
I guess those can be things like disasters and destructions of something that already exist as well as my sincere honest desire to get rid of the old to prepare a place for something new.

God is the source of renovation and every good thing... I guess he will rob me of some bad things that hinder my growth from time to time if He needs to. But will I be his ally in this process, will I make myself ready... voluntarily, willingly?... Will I be his friend and partner with Him in riding my life of the old things that hinders my growth?
Frankly, too many times I consider many of those old things not so bad all together to feel the need to change them, though I can not call them the best and perfects - the way the will of God is for my life is. May be this is why it is so difficult to let them go…
If it is not broken, do not fix it, they say. But is this really about us? Can this really truly be said about our inner person, our soul, our life? I do feel broken... I do feel like I need fixing... although I try to work it all out. "Oh, look - It works!" I may say to myself... but is it really not broken after all... How much more fixing will I honestly, willingly allow to happen, to be done by God in my life? I guess it will depend on how I answer the question about the Old and the New.


Thursday, September 20, 2007


Reason: Other
Mood: bored and angry
Thinking: Yes.

Issues: Dad, his attitude, his phone call and my attitude.
Have you ever had a person in your life who had mastered such a high level skills and abilities to ruin your mood, your day and your desire to do any business with him so quickly! Holy Cow! I had never seen such a person any where else in life other than in my own family. How can this be? Why am I treated as a nation's enemy for paying somebody else's bills and so much unwanted in their own household, which not so long time ago, used to be mine household too... and the very next day or two days later expected to show the same level of commitment as nothing had ever happen?

Sometimes I think if such thought categories had ever appeared in his mind: love, curtesy, thinking about others (not in a negative way), life and its priorities, destiny, calling, meaning, death.

How can you live wothout ever raising those issues in your mind? Oh, I know how... biterly ever after!

How can you break this habit/behaviour??? Can you?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Наконец-то фотки из отпуска

Хотя, уже кучу всего успело понапроисходить, ну типа работа, болячки, дни рождения, Максер вернулся и всё такое... наконец-то у меня настроение и возможности совпали таким образом, чтобы просидеть весь вечер перед компом... и думаю не зря!!! Фотки с нашей поездки в Карпаты и по западной Украине в общем...
Взяли штурмом (по 5грн. на человека) Хотинскую Крепость!

Познакомились с улыбающимися львами Олеського замка

Доехали до границы со Словакией
Угощали Серёгу мобильного кофе, а он...
... он познакомил нас с Медведом, который научил нас ловить форель
Посетили охотничий Замок в Австрийском стиле
Побывали В Невицком Замке
Заехали в географическом центре Европы! (пуп Европы оказался невелик!)
Забрались на гору Поп - Иван (6 часов туда и 3 -обратно!) чтобы посмотреть на звёзды из заброшеной обсерватории. Обсерватория была, а звёзды - нет. Тамущо день был!

Friday, September 07, 2007


Сегодня ехал по улицам, пробираясь сквзь заторы транспорта и думал... на номерах моей Киевской машины есть две буквы "А" и нет ни одной "К"... кто придумал???
А ещё... со мною говорит Бог и меня это очень ободряет (и это не шиза).
А ещё - я чувсвую себя счастливым... как буд-то жизнь удалась и осуществилось то о чём мечтал раньше... аж странно!