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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

разные мысли...

The problem of choice is largely a problem of not being able to choose the very best. This makes «yes» or «no» issues look like a range of grading options that lie in between the bad and the best, thus making any in-between choice a compromise with the bad. Our inability to make a choice that implies a choice of the very best testifies about our weakness, dependence and need of divine help. 01.02.07

"Уж лучше бы дятлы пели..."

«Метафоры основаны на интуитивном чувстве логических взаимосвязей между одной сферой и другими… Метафоры, это далеко не декорации, которые добавляются для украшения речи, они очищают речь и восстанавливают её первозданную красоту».

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Boryspil airport growing

Inside the expanded Terminal B, Boryspil, UA

First, this expanded terminal and now - new arias are being cleared out and designated specifically for building a new terminal for low-cost inside the country and regional flight operators. Hopefully this will give opportunity in the future for airfare cost on those commuter flights that go to nearest European countries to go down.
Coming Euro cup in soccer Ukraine is going to host together with Poland is the biggest motivator in spite of all the quarreling and fights inside the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine to propel construction of additional terminals in Boryspil, thought some think that the other Kiev airport located in Zhulyany district in Kiev could be a much better fit for the purposes connected with coming championship in 2012.
- updated Dec. 13.2008

Saturday, January 06, 2007

A New Year Celebration in Lviv

Hi everyone and Happy New Year from Ukraine. It is Lviv (not Kiev) this time!
(the old city spirit dwelling place...)
This guy says that you got to come here again...
Happy New Year!!!

This is me teasing the Lviv's big fish...

So, as Ukraine celebrates Christmas these days we welcome you at our table and sending you our greetings from Lviv, the Heart of vest Ukrainian culture :-)