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Friday, October 13, 2006

Hello From Poltava

Hi guys, well I'm actually in Kharkov right now and this is a picture from the main square in Poltava - the eagle on top of that column is holding a victory reeve to commemorate Peter the Great's victory over Sweedish army in 1709.
Love you and miss you all greately. Tomorrow I have a full working day at the conference on Sunday school for all ages and the day after tomorrow we are going back to my dear Kiev! It has been quite boring actually, and I miss home! See you very soon now. (Marina, thanks for the pictures, and for refreshing my blog!)

Танцующий Дом в Праге


Gotta Luv It!

Американец - человек, который будучи наконец в состоянии купить небольшую машину, покупает большую.